Resolutions, Why They Do Work for Men & Why They Don’t

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It’s that time of year, Player, when we all talk about resolutions – big changes we promise to everyone including ourselves. But most of the time, these big changes are lies, and worst of all, lies we believe.

Do I believe in resolutions? Yes and no. A new year is a great time to make a great change – to be healthier, wealthier, wiser, kinder, etc. But there are issues with falling back on resolutions and the mentality behind them.

  1. Makes you think you have to wait to change – We think we have to wait until midnight for the new year to be a new us. Not the case. You can change who you are right now. You decide when.
  2. Creates unrealistic goals – People go for dropping 150 lbs in one month or making a jillion dollars in six minutes, etc. You can achieve great things, no doubt, but if you set goals that are not obtainable by who you currently are, then you’ll fail and lose the drive for real change.
  3. Seeks external forces for completion – We set resolutions and tell others about our goals. While they are excited, we are excited. We believe in our ideas as long as others believe as well. However, if others doubt us or lose the belief in our goals, we lose hope as well.

Proper resolution building –

  1. Make your changes NOW – No need to wait for a ball to drop or a clock to chime in the next year. You can change your life in this very instance.
  2. Create daily goals that lead to big ones – Even giant goals are created by small changes. Instead of saying you want to lose a jillion pounds in one day or run a marathon next week when you haven’t even walked a mile, start with small success. Add vegetables to your daily intake. Get to bed one hour earlier three times a week. Read a book on business once a month. Join a running club or start looping the town track.
  3. Believe in yourself first – Rather than share your new challenges with everyone, including those that may doubt you, keep your goals to yourself and believe. Reinforce your ideas with positive feedback (E.g. vision boards, books, success news, mentally healthy social media) and constantly keep the faith.

Good luck, Player. Happy New Year & Game On.


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