The holidays are upon us and there is one tip I send to you all that will help you navigate the choppy waters of social distancing, pandemic fears, anti-maskers, family, friends, shopping, etc. ONE TIP that will aid in the tough situations we are likely to face –

Don’t be a dick.

If people are doing things that you don’t like, don’t fight about it, remove yourself from the situation. Don’t start WW3, don’t be a dick.

If you see someone you don’t like and want them to live, it’s most likely not worth it. Let it slide. Don’t be a dick.

Fight the urge to take jabs, crack wise and say anything that is not positive and upbeat. Life is tough especially right now and no one needs another dick at the table, on the other side of the virtual dinner, etc.

Wishing you an amazing holiday season.

Keep it sexy & Game On.

— Jackson

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