If you’ve ever explored the world of webcam modeling, at some point in time, you experience at bad night with a model. It’s almost mathematically bound to happen and if it doesn’t, that’s a true testament to that performer. Imagine being in that position – hours and hours of projecting a sexy image while a wide gamut of disembodied chats appears sweet-talking, demanding, demeaning and defiling all while you sit, masturbate, fake orgasm after orgasm for their tips.

Yes, a bad night may happen.

Maybe you thought your joke was going to be the best joker ever. Perhaps it was something that you know you meant it one way and the model misinterpreted it. Whatever it is, shit has gone sideways and the cam model has gone mad.

Perhaps she chews you out. Maybe she reprimands you. Whatever it is, it is not fun and it damn sure ain’t sexy. Here’s exactly how you handle that –

You apologize and leave the room quietly.

Yep. Sure, you may be pissed. You might be like “why would she say that?” “who the hell does she think she is?” “that’s not what I meant?” But here’s the thing – you want to be sexy in all things and at all times and part of being sexy is being able to stay cool, being able to take the heat and never sweat.

I’ve been in this position. A joke that was taken the wrong way and all of a sudden I was catching a model’s entire day of pent-up, misdirected frustration. And I remembered I’ve had bad days too and I wasn’t trying to shove a sex toy down my throat for a room full of non-tipping horny ass men. I simply said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you” and then, when the spotlight was off of me, I quietly left. Did this make me a punk? Not at all, it reminded me I was a man not a little boy that had to argue a point. I did not return – never go places you’re not welcome.

Another time, a female performer misunderstood me and went off, I did the same gentle breeze mea culpa and not less than ten minutes later, she was apologizing to me and thanking me for being so cool about her going bad. Not only did she sincerely invite me back but we bonded and enjoyed each other on an entirely new level.

Be cool. Be understanding. Be sexy.


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