She’s sexy.

She’s a fantasy come true that you didn’t even know you had.

You would wife her in a second. You want to make love to her until the sun rises and sets again. She’s perfect, she’s beautiful, she’s etc. etc. etc.

Cool. But calm down.

There’s a perfect balance of complimenting anyone, especially a woman, especially a woman who may be in the sex industry. Perhaps she’s a co-worker you’re infatuated with, maybe she’s your favorite cam model or your go-to exotic dancer. You can definitely under compliment and you can most definitely over do it as well.

Everyone is different. One compliment a day may be too much for one model or dancer but could be too little for another. You want to compliment her not creep her out. So, how do you find this ratio? Start low and see how it goes. And keep it short and simple.

You show up at the meeting, club, chat room, etc. She’s there, looking amazing as always. Tell her that and then back off.

“You look great as always.” – STOP. That’s pretty good. To the point. Don’t go on and on writing poetry. If she wants more, she’ll ask for it.

Let some time pass. If you’re one on one during a special moment or more intimate moment, you can compliment more, you can talk about how it’s good to see her, etc. But you don’t need to rain compliments everyday.

Even feel free to ask her how much is too much and stick to that. By being supportive of what she does, by tipping her services and just being cool, you’ll be complimenting her by your actions instead of words.

— JS

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