There are many aspects to sexiness. Not only is it a woman or man but sometimes is perfectly prepared food or drink. Sexy is…tequila.

Many amazing nights and many a bad ones have all started with the word “SHOTS.” And while it is enjoyable at multiple levels, tequila has been the bane of rookies and gifts to the professionals. Here are a few tips to aid in the enjoyment of a supernatural drink distilled from years-old agave.

  • The clearer the tequila, the better
  • Save the darker stuff for margaritas and other mixed drinks.
  • Drink it chilled and without training wheels
  • If you don’t know what training wheels are, maybe you shouldn’t be drinking tequila (they’re the lime and salt)
  • One or two shots are enough for most evenings. Don’t get in a shot competition, you’re not 11 years old giving into a dare.
  • If you have it at home, keep in your freezer
  • Drink it with friends when you can
  • If you’re ordering from a bar, select the middle choice. The first is probably way too pricey or dark tequila that will make you sick. Go for the middle.

Last but not least – enjoy.


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