Rules of the Game – Writing the sex vibe with Game On


Most people enjoy sex. We think about it when we’re not having it. We know how easy it can make life and also how difficult! At its basest level, it’s an act of selfish physical satisfaction, but when you go deeper than that – it’s damn near cosmic.

It’s two people connecting at a level that’s beyond the skin. It’s a rhythm, the ultimate dance and it’s a dance that starts way before the clothes come off. It’s an energy, a confidence, an understanding, a hope, a fear and a connection to something slow and fast all at the same time, all rolled into one.

That’s the vibe I try to bring to the Game On series, every time. Each book, each post, each conversation about Agamemnon Onansi and his various ‘entanglements’ has to have that feel. It can’t just be about breasts, genitals, chests, backs, thighs and legs, it has to simmer. It has to cook. It has to dance. Coming from writing in a technical world, I can tell you that there’s no getting into the mood. You get a blueprint or a report and you type the shit cold. But here, with writing the sexual, sensual vibe that’s in Game’s conversations, his flirting, way before his actual penetration, the mood has to be there.

It’s all about the muse for me. Ancient Greeks spoke of having a muse – a magical creature that spoke ideas to artists. For me, it’s no different except the entity comes from music, comes from a bottle of wine or a shot of tequila and it comes from a quick stroll through some of the sexiest models on social media. Game On is about that chill, that coolness that should be hand-in-hand with passion.

I hope that when you read the Game On books, posts, etc, that you find a bit of the muse and a lot of the vibe.

— Jackson

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