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A bartender can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

It’s all based on you.

The bar can be a place of absolute chaos with tons of patrons asking for drinks, servers waiting for their next tray to fill and other random persons congregating at the hub of any establishment. It is the bartender who is often like air traffic control – routing who and what to where and when.

They’re often busy people.

The last thing they need is your ass snapping fingers or giving them attitude and shit because you’re drink order is taking a bit too long.

Chill. Rule of the Game – when at a bar, be patient.

Smile. Be polite and you can tell when a bartender is being rude or just being overwhelmed. If they’re slammed and apologize for the order, wave off their apology and let them know it’s all good and then kindly place your order or receive it. You’ll not only look like a class act, you’ll be one. And often, bartenders have long memories and your kindness will be reciprocated.

Stay sexy. Game on.

— Jackson

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