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A night out is only as good as how it ends. And if it ends with you puking your guts out after you’ve had hours of being a belligerent asshole, then you need to know your limit.

We’ve all seen that one friend who doesn’t know when to say no to that last shot or say maybe later to that final round of beer. Hell, maybe we’ve been that guy. Sadly, it’s always the icing on a horrible cake that’s baked out of insecurity and the need to be liked. That person wants to be the life of the party or the sexy guy or funny guy, etc. So the fall back is on liquid courage and we look like an asshole.

If you can’t trust yourself to know that line, then have a friend you can count on. And just know that when they give you the code, password or whatever, that you listen and stop. Know your limit.

Keep it sexy.

— Jackson

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