Awhile back, I was in a bar grabbing a drink with some friends. As we entered, my eyes caught the usual players – the wannabes, the chill, the lurkers, the bros, etc. But with a speed to make my eyes hurt, my gaze was pulled to a man with a bright red and blue checkered suit and a top hat like a damn magician. He looked insane.

But he had style and he owned that shit.

Did he look out of his mind? To some, yes. But to others? He looked like a man who had a style and embraced it. And whether you liked his look or not, you had to tip your own hat to his and his style. Maybe it’s formal, maybe it’s denim or maybe it’s “goth” – whatever it is, while leaving room for new things, always have yourself a style. Don’t have one? Go get one yourself and own it.

Keep it Sexy. Game on.

— Jackson

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