Ariel Black – sensual, sexy and anyone’s fantasy – is a highly successful cam model.  Normally, Ms. Black lives a life of a sexual entrepreneurship climbing ranks in both social media and the world of camming.  However, this evening marks a huge contest – if she makes the top model slot for the month, Ariel wins $100,000.  But, in her dabbling and understandings of energy and fate, Ariel believes that she may die at midnight from one of three threats to her life.  However, her possible demise and her potential jackpot are put on hold when one of her newest fans buys her expensive real date package.  Will she survive the night if she goes out with the mysterious Agamemnon Onansi? THIS STORY IS FOR AN EROTIC AUDIENCE. CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEX; ADULT SEXUAL LANGUAGE (FREQUENT USE OF ADULT LANGUAGE)


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