Chat GPT – What is it and are the Machines finally taking over?


By now, almost everyone tied to tech, reading tech or using tech for business has heard about Chat GPT. You’ve either heard it is the next best leap in technology or that it is the foretelling of the fall of humanity to robot masters. The Game waits for no one, Player, and it can flip the script in finance, fitness and now, in this case, the line between mankind and machine. Let’s dive a bit into what is Chat GPT.

Simply told, Chat GPT is an adaptation of OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) language model created especially for chatbot applications. It can produce conversational responses to user input after being trained on a large database of conversation transcripts.

So, if you’re interested in chatbots and the latest developments in natural language processing, check out the article below. Remember, machines can play the Game too.

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