First of all, welcome and I mean that. Sincerely and real talk. You have an endless amount of options in how to spend your time and you’ve come here.

So welcome and I appreciate you. I’ve spent so much time writing in dull fields, submitting emails, reports, cost analysis, structural reads, etc. that I decided it was time to enjoy the time I was spending on a keyboard. So it was time to get my Game on…

Agamemnon Onansi aka Game On is a new character with an old twist. His adventures are exactly that adventures. His are the nights we all wished we had, right? See the world. Enjoy the fine food without worry about calories. Enjoy the finer drink without concern of intoxication. And experience time with the finest women without the fear of stumbling over words, awkward dates and dead-end nights.

I think that is the biggest draw of Game – he’s us. He’s the us we want to be. He’s immortal but still enjoying life to its fullest. He’s a good man who does what’s right and relishes every second of the day and damn sure the night. He may have all the time in the world but lives in the very moment.

Writing his erotic encounters is not just about the sex – it’s about the connection. It’s about grown people doing grown things and soaking it up with passionate smiles on their faces. This isn’t mindless porn but it’s something that you’ll find better and longer lasting (and who doesn’t want staying power?)

So stay a while. Come back often. And above all, enjoy yourself.

Life is good. Especially when you live forever.

Game On

– Jackson Stuart

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