One of the tenets of the Game is to be respectful. I was in a spot once and saw this cat who was balling, throwing money like it was nothing. He was dressed to the nines and damn good looking if I say so myself.

However, he was an asshole. He was barking at people like the servers and those with him like he owned them. So, for all his looks and his WAM (walking around money) he was the poorest bastard in the room. Because he could not be respectful.

Respect is simply defined as treating others as you would want to be treated. Everyone is trying to make it to midnight, right? Everyone is going through something and they don’t need someone bossing them around or belittling them. RESPECT.

If you show this trait, poor and dirty, rich and clean, you are the MVP of the Game where ever you are.

Keep it sexy.

— Jackson

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