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I had a boss once who was the epitome of a player in the Game. He was cool. He was calm and he commanded the room just by walking in.

Amongst the many things he taught me was this lesson “Always keep apple juice in the the trunk of your car. If you got to a party suddenly, it goes with everything.” I thought the advice was crazy bullshit at the time. However, one summer day I was leaving the grocery store and received a friend’s phone call to come to a park party. I asked what I needed to bring but I was told to not waste time, my presence was immediately required.

So, I showed up with the only gift I could present from my trunk – apple juice. And my friends were blown away. The juice was a perfect mix for many of the liquor already there. I sat back enjoying my status as the guy who brought the juice. The next day I told my boss of his wisdom. He told me I was “fucking right.”

Keep it sexy.

— Jackson

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